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Meet Dr. Megan Kimberley

Your naturopathic doctor in the South Okanagan

Dr. Megan Kimberley has been in clinical practice since 2001 in Penticton, B.C. She focuses on optimal healing both physically and emotionally. In Naturopathic Medicine there is no difference between physical health and a soul at peace. What you do all day at work and play effects your energy. What you eat changes how you feel. As a preventative medicine specialist, she uses scientific  wisdoms and its ever expanding knowledge to rationalize the medications she uses. If you are suffering from illness, she can help you. If you are seeking perfect health she can get you there. 


Where healing happens,

every day

Naturopathic Medicine

Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

Our training consists of four years post graduate schooling at a specialized college, detailing the medical sciences and the traditional healing techniques we use. Our tool box includes (but is not limited to!) homeopathy, botanical medicine, counselling, nutrition, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. 
Homeopathy has been used with amazing success  for centuries in Europe, and has been one of Dr. Megan’s favorite tools. It is a system of remedies  that are prepared from diluted and potentized plants, minerals, and animal substances. They are non-toxic, they do not interact with any medications and  are easy to take. Most often they are given in yummy little sweet pellets, or can be given in liquid form, dosed in drops. You can see how many have a hard time believing such a medicine exists!  

What can she help you with

Digestive and Nutritional Health

Hormonal Balancing

Teens and Kids Issues of all Kinds

Mental Health and Counselling

Stamina and
Physical Health

Emotional and Spiritual Health and Guidance

If you are suffering from illness, she can help you. If you are seeking perfect health she can get you there. It’s all happening here, every day.

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